Tyron Hampton
Pasadena City Council Member



Crime in our community has a very simple cause. That cause is the cumulative disadvantages caused by neighborhoods that are economically located. It leads to poverty and crime.

I will work to entice businesses to move into our district. I will act to remove blighted properties and I will change zoning laws to attract better housing choices. I want home values and incomes rising.

I will fight crime with the only real solution that works.

A community that produces crime is a community that must change.

I will:
  • Support City Programs that Divert Teens from Gangs. I was born and raised in Northwest Pasadena. I am deeply aware of the daily challenges faced by many children in our neighborhoods. I believe any child can succeed if treated with care and concern.
  • Respect the Police. I will insist on a relationship of mutual respect between the police and residents so that more crime can be solved with community involvement.
  • Take Bullying Seriously. As your Council member, i will collaborate with my school board colleagues to combat bullying in the PUSD.
  • Aggressively Investigate Burglaries. Every residential burglary should be treated as a very serious crime. Many Burglars are career criminals that graduate to other crimes.
  • Resist Economic Isolation. We can't arrest our way out of a crime problem. We need to break the cycle of crime and violence in some of our neighborhoods with the prosperity that economic development can bring.
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